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Reflection on Shutter Drag

It took me a few minutes to figure out what I wanted to do. So I figured I would do something unique (at least as far as I know) and took a picture of a student with a sharpie writing on a bathroom stall. I tried extremely hard to find the correct shutter speed. It was difficult for my subject to hold his head still while writing so I just left it since it would appear as a more natural writing motion. The final image had the shutter speed set at 4 seconds, a very long time for a photo. The idea came to me not only because I thought it was unique but because it is showing a student expressing himself anonymously as many students would like the opportunity to do, for fear of being judged. My shutter drag photo took some thought and required effort in the abstract thought process.

Shutter Drag

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The Pursuit of a non-existent goal.
That goal is perfection.

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5 first pics.

I found a great photography blog by a photographer named Amy Stein. The layout is a little bland but the photos are great. She takes funny photos many times relating to strange news in the world. There is a great photo of a deer snooping around someone's house with the resident peeking outside with a frightened look on her face. There are several other pictures that made me laugh. Ms. Stein has done a great job with her blog, she even writes about what each photo is which I think is important in some of them because a few are a little unclear but once the object is pointed out you notice "Oh yeah, I see that.". Really good photographs and she seems to have a great comedic personality which really draws me to this blog. Comedy always adds interest, no matter if it's photography or writing or any other type of media. Amy Stein does a great job of adding that comedic effect.

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Another Class Blog

If you read my blog from 2007 you know I had to do a blog for my English 10 class with Mr. Shellabarger. Well, I got stuck in his media class so I have another one. Oh joy......